First blockchain solution for gaming.
Zero commissions. Fast transactions. Regulatory compliant.
KYC, AML, GDPR, Payment Solutions.
What we do?
Blockchain has shown itself as a great technology for games, as it ensures transparency of the gaming process. However, currently, there is no blockchain capable of supporting games, for several reasons: the entry threshold for developers is too high, popular blockchains are not developed for supporting gaming transactions, there are problems of high transaction fee and network scalability.

Having years of experience on the market and understanding the needs of gamers, the DiceyBit team has decided to build its own blockchain with fast transactions and zero commissions, which will turn the gaming industry upside-down.

We took into account the interests of all participants of gaming products and offer a unified infrastructure for all gamers, with transactions in any common currencies, B2B solutions for developers and operators, legalization solutions for the regulators and much more. By eliminating the current blockchain limitations, DiceyBit Blockchain will not only improve the status of the gaming industry but also will bring significant benefits to the whole crypto community.
Our solutions
We create best decisions for gaming
CellChain Blockchain
- Zero commissions
- Fast transactions
- Mirrors of main currencies
- Regulatory compliant

DiceyBit use blockchain CellChain, which perfectly fits for games and other businesses, thanks to its speed and the absence of commissions for internal transactions. It is based upon the in-house own consensus algorithm, two-level node structure, and smart contracts.

Vault Platform
- Decentalized
- Multi-Currency

DiceyBit Vault is an integrated infrastructure, consolidating the user wallet and gaming marketplace. Any personal information, uploaded into the wallet during signup, is sent to a 3rd-party safe KYC entity, and the
common network only has access to the encrypted digital signature, which confirms the content access level for a specific user. With all this, DiceyBit will cooperate with the regulators on content control for underage users, the introduction of more advanced AML practices, etc.

Improved RNG
- Use on blockchain entropy
- Close to white noise

The nodes, working in the DiceyBit Blockchain Network, contain the embedded RNG algorithm, which can be applied for by the smart contracts for getting random numbers.
Comparing with popular Ethereum blockchain
How it works?
We are public
DiceyBit took a part on SiGMA: iGaming Malta'18, Crypto Games Conference Kyiv, Belarus'18

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