First blockchain solution for gaming.
Zero commissions. Fast transactions. Regulatory compliant.
KYC, AML, GDPR, Payment Solutions.
Our main advantages
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
DiceyBit Network allows all players of ecosystem to play by the same transparent rules.
The leading operators of gambling network will deliver trust to the market place and general financial rewards.
Universal KYC
One minute and your privacy secured FOREVER.
Authorities and Legal compliance
DiceyBit technology invites regulators and authorities to provide oversight for gambling ecosystem through our technology. For our corporate customers, we built a variety cloud-based business tools to facilitate interaction between business and authorities.
New markets and new customers
DiceyBit delivers trust to the end user. Transparent transactions and fair play will attract new customers from around the world.
What we do?
Blockchain is a great technology for online gaming industry. It insures transparency, immutability and efficiency. Currently, there is no blockchain capable of supporting online gaming industry. DiceyBit have created proprietary blockchain based technology on Proof of Case (PoC). It eliminated need for mining, use of Ethereum and zero transactional cost.

Architecture of our database allows for network scalability. In addition zero commission of transactions PoC delivers speed of transactions never seen before.

DiceyBit management team took into account interests of all stakeholders of gaming industry.
We offer unified platform for all gamers, providers of services, developers, operators and regulators.
DiceyBit Blockchain will bring the gaming industry to the next level that will attract new players to the gaming community.

Our solutions
We create best decisions for gaming
CellChain Blockchain
- Zero commissions
- Fast transactions
- Mirrors of main currencies
- Regulatory compliant

DiceyBit use blockchain CellChain, which perfectly fits for games and other businesses, thanks to its speed and the absence of commissions for internal transactions. It is based upon the in-house own consensus algorithm, two-level node structure, and smart contracts.

Vault Platform
- Decentalized
- Multi-Currency

DiceyBit Vault is an integrated infrastructure, consolidating the user wallet and gaming marketplace. Any personal information, uploaded into the wallet during signup, is sent to a 3rd-party safe KYC entity, and the
common network only has access to the encrypted digital signature, which confirms the content access level for a specific user. With all this, DiceyBit will cooperate with the regulators on content control for underage users, the introduction of more advanced AML practices, etc.

Improved RNG
- Use on blockchain entropy
- Close to white noise

The nodes, working in the DiceyBit Blockchain Network, contain the embedded RNG algorithm, which can be applied for by the smart contracts for getting random numbers.
How it works?
Our competitors
We are not the one project which wants change gaming industry. But we have more experience in gambling and know all problems.
+ Raised the big funds on ICO

– Based on Ethereum
– Could not change the strategy because of White Paper
– One token used inside the system
+ Raised the big funds on ICO

– Based on Ethereum
–Do not consider regulators to the scheme
– One token used inside the system
+ Raised the big funds on ICO
+ Good idea to make transparent mobile games

– Based on Ethereum
–Do not consider regulators to the scheme
– One token used inside the system
We see our blockchain also in other directions such as gamification, mystery shopping, loyalty programs etc.
Comparing with popular Ethereum blockchain
Our team
We have a strong team that have a great experience in their directions
Vladimir Muraviov
CEO & Blockchain evangelist & Co-founder
Has strong mathematical knowledge background, MBA degree in IT sector. Was one of the first persons who predict cryptocurrency future and blockchain growing. Work for more than 12 years in gambling development and operational. Professional skills in games, strong skills in team management, partners collaboration. Believes, that trust can be reached only with decentralization and that is how blockchain technology will change the world.
Ihor Kolodyuk
CTO & Co-founder
More than 15 years in Hosting Industry: was working as ISP owner, System Administrator, Development Team Lead, Architect, Vice President , CTO.

Was working with a father of Java James Gosling, a father of PHP Rasmus Lerdorf,a formal MS Architect Mark Zbikowski, a father of MySQL and Maria DB Michael "Monty" Widenius, father of NGINX Igor Sysoev on complex architectures for cloud-oriented solutions based on OpenSource code.

Author and contributor of multiple OpenSource projects, including following projects on github.

Regular Speaker of international conferences: JavaDay, JavaEEConf, JonTheBeach, JBCNConf, DevOps de São Paulo, ZTech, IBM Business Connect, etc.

Evangelist of blockchain technologies and containers

Rostyslav Yamnenko
Blockchain Architect
Associate professor at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Recearch Doctorate – Mathematical Statistics and Probability.

Doctor of Philosophy. Thesis title: "Exponential estimate of distribution of some functionals on ф-sub-Gaussian random processes".

Master's degree – Mathematical Statistics and Probability

Christina Muratkina
BDO & Co-founder
Over 10 years in software development, especially games and gambling development. Was working as a lead of games development studio.

Big experience in team management, design, testing and implementation of software solutions. Involvement of investments and partners to the projects, work with marketing and PR departments. Decentralization believer.

Ihor Vlasov
Compliance Advisor at DiceyBit
Head of Blockchain IEEE Ukraine.

13 years in Banks and State institutions, as chief compliance officer in ING Bank (Netherland) and National Bank of Ukraine; project audit manager in DF Group (Austria) - section of "Nadra Bank", Tax Inspection of Ukraine; law consultant in State Enterprise and VAB Bank

We are public
DiceyBit took a part on SiGMA: iGaming Malta'18, Crypto Games Conference Kyiv, Belarus'18

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