Universal KYC
Your privacy is secured FOREVER
Universal KYC
Your privacy is secured FOREVER
Registered user shares only relevant personal information with partners subscribing to our services. uKYC secures users identity – our platform is based on blockchain technologies ensuring private data cannot be counterfeited, removed, and user identity stolen etc.
uKYC foundation — CellChain proprietary blockchain
CellChain — is a Proof of Case (PoC) platform™ that presents blockchain developers around the world with Digital Passport (uKYC), Distributed RNG, instantly publishing and validating transactions without costs utilizing ANY crypto or fiat currencies.
Proof of Case Platform
  • No money
  • Instant validation
  • Instant publishing
  • No transaction cost
  • RNG based on entropy
  • Ecological

  • Anonymous
  • One for all services
  • Security
  • Privacy
Meet our team
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and change the industry of KYC
Alex Sheyner
Vladislav Shapiro
Vladimir Muraviov
CEO & Co-founder
Christina Muratkina
BDO & Co-founder
Ihor Kolodyuk
CTO & Co-founder
Artem Klymenko
COO & Co-founder
Manager partner
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