uKYC for individuals
Simple, easy, fast
You just need to make onboarding on uKYC and use your data key on any websites and services
One account to all services
You do not need to pass boring registration on all websites. You can just use your KYC like a widget in your browser or mobile app.
Your information is not stored in our system; all operational data is encrypted at-rest and during transmission.
Pertinent information is presented in one convenient place.
Information update
You control updates to your data and participating partners can leverage it immediately for business needs.
Permission revoke
You control who can access your data and what information you share with specific service; you can revoke permission(s) at any time.
Customer Journey
1. Download the app
Use your smartphone to download uKYC app for free.
2. Email and phone number verification
First step is verify your email and phone. After that you can start use the app
3. Identity validation
We expect two government issues IDs (e.g., passport, driver's license) and a selfie taken using you mobile phone to validate your identity. This information will be used to establish uKYC identity and will be deleted - we do not store your data. All operational uKYC data is encrypted.
4. Prove your identity
Use uKYC to prove your identity for 30 seconds. No more long registrations and not relevant data requests. Share your uKYC secured information with businesses to get quick onboarding.
5. Revoke your information
You can revoke the decision to share your information with a specific structure at any time.
6. Remove / Update / Add information
You can manage your information as you like. If you make an update, all participating services and applications with which you voluntarily shared your information will receive new data as needed.
7. Be anonymised
You can anonymously share your information for research and get paid for it.
Where can you use uKYC
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