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The first gaming blockchain

Our newest technology provides zero transaction costs, unlimited scalability, fully encrypted wallets, built-in exchange, and security level significantly overwhelming all existing technical standards.

DiceyBit Blockchain

DiceyBit Blockchain – has successfully invented a blockchain solution allowing zero commission structure, fast transactions and endless scalability of the network.

DiceyBit Vault

DiceyBit Vault – a unified multi-purpose wallet for players. Players will be able to fulfill their gaming balance with all available fiat and crypto-currencies.

For game developers

Create your own games, adopt proven existing mechanics, licences, use integrated RNG algorithms in order to create new interactive solutions and promote them via publishers network.

Regulatory compliant structures

Our technology fully complies with existing igaming, betting, skin trading regulations, providing an amazing freedom for the network participants. Unlimited variety of new monetization models and rewarding mechanics may be easily implemented based on existing certified technologies.

Integrated fintech solution

Integrated fintech solution - 3rd-party solution will be provided by our partners allowing secure funds transfer and multi-currency exchange.

New era for content publishers and distributors

New era for content publishers and distributors – whether you are a huge international company or an ambitious newcomer, you only need to setup your own node, choose the type of innovative content you’d like to promote and enjoy all the benefits of DiceyBit Network.

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